Assembly - of the front controller panel

Has anyone had trouble getting the screws into extruded four holes in the front panel? the hole are too small but the screws fit fine for the back panel.

I just assembled my new x controller over the week end there were a couple times these screws were difficult to start with out cross threading, try turning them in reverse a little and they may drop in and start straighter.


I tried that and tried using the lubricant as well but the metal hole is just too small it appears. hmm, I may need to buy smaller screws. If I try to force them in, its stripping the thread on the screws

I would consider a tap to clean up the holes or contact customer support, maybe they were miss sized. I had two holes in one end of one of the Y axis maker slides that were not threaded at all a couple minutes with a 5mm tap and I was back on track. Of course I realize having a set of metric taps is probably not something everybody has handy, if you need one maybe someone nearby could help out.