Assembly Problems

Im assembling the kit I just got yesterday, and I have to say, I think this could have been designed a lot better for ease of assembly and maintenance. A lot of he pre-tapped holes are easily cross threaded. The X-Carriage should be two pieces that bolt together. Getting the belt in place is causing me much frustration. I know the challenge of assembly is rewarding once its all done, but man, is this driving me nuts! Any suggestions to getting the belts installed or other assembly tips?

To use an old Navy phrase, “It’s not just a job; It’s an adventure!”

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The x carriage should be 2 pieces, are you referring to the box lie structure that carries the router ans z axis? If so though a pain in the a** , it only needs to be really handled once. after first assembly, aside from adjusting the v wheels you will not need to significantly mess with it again.

Let us help if we can, what part of the belt install is giving you heartburn?
If lifting it up to thread it on the x stepper pully. I used a long piece of string. folded in half so there is a loop.
Before putting the carriage on the rails, i ent the loop through the center hole where tha belt comes up through, and out one side.

picture this after doing so, the looped end extends out through the makerslide hole and the two “tails” come up through the center.
With one end of the belt installed on it’s clip, (with heat shrink tube in my case) pass the other end through the loop on the string. slide the carriage onto the maker slide while working the belt along through the string. Once the carriage is in place, pull up on the string to lift the belt up through the center hole of the carriage to mate onto the stepper pulley.

It’s a bit of a juggling act but after getting it done reward your self with an adult beverage and admire your accomplishment!

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