Assembly time and Work space

I have not bought my X-Carve yet. I am thinking very strongly in getting the X-Carve 1000. I think the price is affordable and looks like it will be large enough for what ever I want to do.

My question is on the Assembly time. I am very handy. I will read the instructions, well look at them!

How much space should I allocate for the process. I am talking about floor space. my work space is getting crowded!
What is the realistic time it could take from opening the boxes to get calibrated and start cutting my first part?

1 day. Before you start, read the build instructions and build tips from the forums. It’ll save you.

I used a ping pong table to set mine on and build it, then moved it.

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Absolutely agree with Traxxtar about reading the instructions and build tips before you start. The initial build is the best time to make sure that you’re getting your machine as close to square and true as you can. And it’s much easier to troubleshoot, and you’re less likely to need to troubleshoot, if you’re meticulous when assembling.

My husband and I worked together. We started by laying out and organizing all the parts. The best thing I did was arrange all the packets of nuts and bolts and things by type and size so when the instructions called for something I was able to find it immediately. We spent the better part of a day doing the main build. I would read each step and grab the parts we needed, and one or both of us would do the actual assembly. We ran out of time, so we didn’t complete the build that day, and my husband was working away that week, so by Sunday evening, we had the main hardware assembled, but I did the XController assembly, added the spindle, and calibrated our machine on my own the following day.

As for build space, we had all of our parts laid out, an assembling area, and the destination space (the 1200mm x 1200mm table we’d built for the XCarve).

Thanks for the information.
I need 2 days for Assembly and about 4’ x 8’ of space cleared out of the garage.
I added the extra day just to make sure I get a whole lot of time.
I should make a stand for it too.