Assembly time

those of you who have assembled the 1000 mm x carve, how long did it take?
the inventables website states that it can be completed in under 2 hours. I don’t know on which planet they are referring?

I think that may be for the XCarve Pro., it will take a lot longer to put the XCarve together. It took me a few evenings after work and one Saturday to assemble it. So I would say 15 hours
Good Luck


Mine was around 11hrs to assemble

I didn’t keep track but it took three evenings so probably 12 - 15 hours

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About the same for me. I think a weekend. If you’ve built a 3D printer before much will seem familiar, otherwise it’s worth the learning time to understand your machine…

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I would agree with the others, about 15 hours. Then spend a few hours watching Phillip Lundsford’s videos on tuning and setting up the system. Those videos will save you days of frustration.

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