Assembly videos of my x-carve

How do you set up V bit on machine. The

Do you mean how do you set up V bits in Easel? If so, Easel does not really support V bits but you can still use them to carve with.

I’m a little confused on what is being asked here. Please consider revising the title and re-stating your question with a little more explanation.

I have a series (6) videos of me assembling my x-carve and I am wondering how I can upload these video’s to the forum for others to watch and see what I experienced while assembling my x-carve.

You can upload them to YouTube and then post a link and it will load in the post.

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I guess I’m just not with it here, how do I post a link to this page? I have the video’s on youtube already.

Copy and paste the url into a forum message, and they’ll just show up like magic!

[edit] Or, I guess you could make a new topic for each one, I suppose that’s an option :wink:

Yep, like @PeterJames says, under the video in YouTube you click to share the video as a link.

  • Copy that link
  • Paste that link in a post just like where you type
  • you can group them all together here as replies
  • that should help keep the forum tidy
  • you can even have more than one video in a reply if you put each link on a separate line.

I would post them all here in replies and then delete the separate threads that you have for each video. @JamesMitchell

Thanks for putting the work into recording your adventure, @JamesMitchell. I made a thread with all of your videos right over here for you.

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