Assembly Videos

When I was doing research before my purchase, I found the assembly videos extremely helpful, as well as other helpful videos by forum members like Robert Reike and Phil Johnson, and others.

Now that I have the latest version of the XCarve waiting on my assembly table while I print out the assembly instructions, I find that some of the instructions, as others have noted, are lacking in certain spots.

Therefore, I would respectfully request that new videos be created and published. The videos show things and explain things that still photos sometimes do not convey clearly.

Thanks for listening and continue the great work that you do.

Sounds like a newer member could donate some of their time as some of the older members did.

If only we knew of someone that is doing this that could take the time to do it???

then they could make some new videos.

I agree. If it wasn’t for some of those videos I probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with the X-Carve as I did. In fact I probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with CNC machines in general as I did.

Making instructions (or tutorials) is a tricky business. If you make them too simple then some people feel insulted. If you make them too general then some people feel things are missing. It would probably help Inventables if you pointed out to them exactly where you need the extra help. You can also contact Inventables directly by calling them at (312) 775-7009. They are open Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM CST.

So you want someone who doesn’t know how to do something, to make a video on how to do it?

Plenty of videos like that on you tube :laughing:

I’m not a videographer, so to do my own videos would be more than I know I am capable of in the sense that they would be filmed properly. I can do a voice over if someone else does the videography. Also I work in fits and starts, rather than a constant stream, so any video that I shot would be choppy at best. I would love to contribute more to the forum (other than the sarcasm that I currently contribute). But it will have to settle for periodic photos of my build (see Marc’s XCarve), as I continue this journey.

Nope not at all. What I said was that someone new that is putting their system together “preferably someone smart enough” take the time “same as the old users” and video their progress so that other new users can benefit the assembly. this is how it worked in the past and it would be a problem for the older users that originally posted the videos to buy a newer machine to make newer videos.

sorry but it seems to make sense to me. unless of course someone want to buy the older machine users some new machines then I am pretty sure the older users could make a video putting the new machine’s together.