Assembly wasteboard, short extrusion 20mm x 20mm missing?

Hello, first post here. I’m bulding the 1000 mm X-carve and regarding step 13

Parts needed,
SKU Name Quantity
26049-02 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 20mm Black 1000mm Lg 2
26049-04 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 20mm Black 958mm Lg 3

Problem is that I have 5 of the same 1000 20mm x 20mm

Did anything change since instruction were made or do I have a problem?

regards Anders

I guess I can cut them down with a hacksaw or angle grinder but before that I need som confirmation.

The 2 x 1000mm extrusion are at the front and back (X axis direction) of the X carve and the 3 x 958mm extrusions run front to back (Y axis direction). Contact inventables for the correct parts.