Assembly without wasteboard

Hi all,
Yesterday I started the assembly of my xcarve.
Starting with making my own wasteboard, I tried it in multiplex… i figured it whould hold the 144 clamping screw inserts better than mdf…all the side mounting holes turned out good.
My question is can I build the xcarve without using the wasteboard? I want to fix the frame to my table So that it is 100%secured and then later add the wasteboard.
Thank you

If you intend bolting the X-Carve to the table, you don’t need the wasteboard to complete the build.
The table will need to be flat.
I built my table as a torsion box and bolted the 20x20 extrusions directly to it. It’s a lot easier to get square without a heavy piece of MDF sitting on top.
My waste board is two pieces of MDF that sit on the table top inside the 2020 extrusions I have t-track installed on top of this with sacrificial MDf panels between the tracks.