Asymmetric Scaling

Is there a way to scale asymmetrically? I want to decrease the height of an object but only from the bottom. No matter what I try the top and bottom decrease in equal ratios (I have tenons on the top and do not want them to decrease in height)

As a reply to my own post, I was able to complete by individually moving the point coordinates with the “edit point” feature. This was quite tedious however and if there is not already a simple command for asymmetric scaling then I think it would be beneficial.

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You can change the height and width independently of any object as long as they’re not locked.


Yes, if I understand the question you can use the combine function in Easel to do it.
Lay a square over the end you want to decrease and set the depth to zero. Then select the object and the square then combine. Whatever the square is over it will take off. Kind of hard to explain.
If you share the project someone will show you.

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