At the end of an etch how high does the spindle rise?

I am going to be doing a bunch of etching that all has to be the same depth. The problem is in the lowering the spindle to the exact same height for each print. Right now I am just using the thin paper method. And its not the most consistent.

After each etch is finished the spindle raises up an amount and then retracts to the starting position. It would be super useful to know that exact amount of mm the spindle raises up before it returns to the start point so that I know exactly how much to lower it again so the next etch gets the same depth.

Any thoughts on the best way to figure that out? Or does anyone know that already?

This is defined in Easel - Safety height. Default value is 3.81mm but can be edited as needed.

However - if you are carving a bunch of premade parts with identical thickness all you have to do is:

  • Make a corner stop on your waste board so location is consistent.
  • Set your work zero (Confirming home position in Easel)
  • Carve first piece
  • Remove first piece, insert second piece
  • Click Carve but this time confirm “Use previous home position” as the work zero is persitent as long as power to the machine is on/USB connection is intact.
  • Repeat until done.

If you have homing switches installed and do a homing cycle before confirming your work zero, then that work zero is persistent between power-cycles aswell.


Found it. Thx. So my next question is if I etch something that is 1mm deep when the etch is done does the spindle rise 3.8mm from the depth of the etch (so in this case its actually 2.8mm above the surface) or does it rise to 3.8mm from the unetched surface?

It move to 3.8mm above your work zero.