Attach Spindle carrige to Z axis?

I am at this stage in my assembly and wondering once its mounted with the 2 screws should you still be able to slide it up and down. Mine doesn’t move once screwed in?

Yes the 2 screws in the Delrin block, wanted to make sure before moving forward. Thank you for your reply.

Should you be able to rotate it by hand?

Don’t over tighten the 2 screws in the Delrin nut. Snug them up, but not too tight.


Eventually, at first it will be tight. You can “smooth it up” by connecting the rod to a drill and run the Delrin block up/down 20-30times.

are the screws going into the delrin block from the from the makerslider side… if so they will drag… they go from the front side… into the router plate and into the delin block.