Attach x carriage

I just got my x-carve and I’m having trouble getting the x-carriage to slide on the rail need some help if anyone has any tips on how to get it on please let me know.

Do you have your belts on correctly or your v wheels to tight. Pictures and or a video will help us guide you.

Loosen the bottom v-wheels first. Adjust them after sliding the carriage onto the rail.

I got it thanks for the help guys

Hello John,
I see you have the PicSender logo and was wondering if you were affiliated with PicSender? I have tried to email them and have not gotten a reply, do you know an email that I should be using?

I am the programmer of PicSender. Please go here to send your inquiry/issues: This will be sent to me as well as Jeffery Woodcock.

You can also send to me direct at:

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