Attaching Makerslide to Z Axis Motor Plate

I’m trying to attach the Z Axis Motor Plate to the Makerslide in step 7. The holes do not line up and/or the holes are the wrong size using “Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 10mm.”

This is an issue I’ve run into practically every time I attach a plate to Makerslide. Typically one screw will go in fine and the other is extremely difficult to impossible to screw in completely.

And now I’ve hit a roadblock at step 7.2 because I can’t get the second screw in at all.

What am I doing wrong and what are my options?

Thanks for any help!

The hole alignment below is what I’m referring to:
(Forgive the image quality)

I’ve tried all the usual “tricks” when you face this sort of thing; threading one then the other in small increments, etc. All resulting in situations where the 2nd screw requires unreasonable amounts of torque to even get half way.

For what it’s worth, the makerslide seems to be tapped in the right spot. I’m not sure about the plate.

That was it. Thank you. I checked the other side, saw it was tapped and assumed the other was as well. I feel appropriately silly. Less late-night construction, I think.

Thank you again.

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