Attention New to Easel? Curved Letters (Two Methods) Video

I have noticed many new members to the forum. Many are waiting for the machine to arrive, many have just assembled and some are making that first carve. You hear “search” over and over to find your answers. There are many great members who help and I believe in the “search” button also. I also believe in helping others. I was in your shoes just a year ago using that “search” button and asking a lot of questions. Heck, I still ask questions and use the “search” button. I also want to give back to the community and have done so as my knowledge as increased.

Easel is a great beginning software and being free helps get people going. The two reasons I purchased the X carve was Easel (free software) and this forum which is always will to help. In an effort to further help, I did a video on Easel and how to do curved letters. This is a recent question that was asked. It is said a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video should be worth a lot more. You be the judge. I am hoping to do other videos in an effort to give back to the community.

Check it out on YouTube:
My Channel is: Paw Paw’s Workshop


Well, I just subscribed. You are like the Bob Ross of woodworking videos. Your presenting style is so calm. Are you a teacher in real life?

No, however, I was a flight instructor for a number of years and taught real estate school for students to be state licensed. But there are lot of teachers in the family. My son, two daughter in laws and my wife all teachers.

I want to share my knowledge of woodworking which I have done all my life through my videos.