Auger Paste Extruder


I’ve made a paste extruder(plunger type), in which a plunger will push the syringe to extrude. Plunger movement is controlled by a stepper motor. In that arrangement, for g-code generation I’ve used inside dia of syringe as the filament diameter and inside dia of needle as nozzle diameter and to calculate extruder steps per mm, I"ve used the lead of threaded rod which controls the movement of plunger.

But it had several issues like air bubbles and unable to print thick pastes.

Later I’ve seen this video on Youtube. In which he later changed to a Auger bit mechanism and I’ve seen WASP LDM already made a successful one.

I’m trying to make one of these. But in this mechanism how to calculate the steps per mm for Extruder?

Is it same as the lead of Auger bit??
What about the filament diameter in slic3r settings??
Anyone have any idea??


I have no answers for you but I do have a question.
What is the purpose of this?

Actually it’s Clay/ Bio printer extruder