Aussies - where are you buying your router bits from?

So i’m kinda new to this CNC thing. I’m an avid (hobbyist) woodworker, I have a bunch of 1/4" router bits at my disposal already, but I don’t have any bits for very fine/detailed work… which is exactly why I bought the x-carve in the first place.

I’m looking for a straight cut (preferably) router bit 2.5 - 3mm in cutting diameter, 1/4 inch shank, length… well… i’m not fussy. I’ve done the rounds at all my local woodworking/carpentry shops, big stores and ma and pa stores, and I can’t find anything remotely close.

Australians - where are you buying your router bits?

I’ve grabbed items from McJing Tools in Yagoona a couple times when I wanted something fast but I get most of my stuff from this mob on Ebay:

They seem to only have 1/8", 4mm and 6mm shank tools so you will have get some suitable collets.

So far the quality has been pretty good.


Check out Adams Bits ( Great guy, good and ever growing range!

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Thanks guys. I’ve bookmarked both for future reference.