Auto Home and Auto Depth.. for Vectric Software

I have an older x-carve 1000 that my son gave to me. I bought all the upgrades I could and now have them installed.
I have been using VCarve on a Piranha that has a pendant attached that allows me to select a program that that takes me through a series of steps to determine the top surface of the material to be routed
I don’t have the pendant but I was wondering if anyone had a method and the g-code to accomplish the same for Vectric/XCarve. I’m still relatively new to all of this.

What sender are you using?

To set your zeros before a job, jog to where you want XYZ zero and send G10L20P1X0Y0Z0

A pendant is often used as a jogging interface - but most software that control a CNC have other means of jogging.

In Easel, you gain access to the jog pane by simply clicking the green Carve button once, a jog pane will open on the right.

As best I can tell the Vectric software does not have a means to jog and like I said I don’t have a pendant.

I don’t want to use Easel
I want to be able to be able to general jogging.
I’d like to be able to hit one button(run one program) to home.
I’d like to be able to hit a series of buttons(run a series of programs) to calibrate the bit height to top of the material with the brass piece and alligator clip.

I’d like to do it all from Vectric software if I can; if not. I’d like to be able to do it from some free program.

Good morning Thomas I recomender you use candle cnc?