Auto shutoff controller for x-carve

don’t know if this is considered an upgrade, but am looking for a way to have the power to the spindle and my dust collection system turn off after a cut is complete

i sometimes get distracted and can’t get to my machine once a cut is complete and my spindle and vac run for sometime afterwards and i would like to reduce some of that unnecessary runtime on both machines

i know i have heard of some people setting up raspberry pi controllers with proxy switches to control this but was really looking for something right out of the box if possible that i could just plug and play

excellent! thank you, i will give it a try

That’s exactly what I use, works great in most cases. If you have a high power vac system however, keep in mind that this device shares the same circuit with your vac and spindle. It’s worked fine for me with a small shop vac connected to this device, but if I had a commercial unit, I’d use a device that allows separate circuits for tool versus vac. Here is another device that turns the vac on after the tool starts, so it is not relay controlled from the X-Carve. Still accomplishes the same task, but has separate circuit power inputs.

thanks for the info. i have that same outlet on my table saw and i love it