AutoCAD Creating a Paddleboard

Longboard_Profile.pdf (1.5 MB)

So I am having trouble figuring out how to reorganize this so that I can rearrange the attached pdf to fit my 1000mmx1000mm. This design is for a 9 foot long surfboard. I would to be able to configure it for a couple different runs, but I do not know how to go about this. I have autocad, but I do not have any experience with creating any SVG, Gcode or any of that.

Ultimate goal is to run cnc to make surfboard/paddleboard rib and spines. Please help!

The ribs shouldn’t be any real issue, you’ll need to tile the spine through to make it in one piece. You could convert the pdf with one of the online SVG converters such as Alternately, you could use Inkscape to open the dxf file and save it as an SVG through there.

So I just tried using the convertio site for a smaller template I made, but it cant import into easel. Ill try inkscape, but I am just having trouble getting into a readable format now into easel.

Another issue is that nothing is acutally tracing the paths of the ribs. Do I have to go in and trace the paths?

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I use DraftSight. It’s a free 2D Autocad equivalent made by the folks that make SolidWorks. You can export directly from the DWG/DXF file to SVG file. Has worked great for me for quite some time.

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Do you have an example of what you are trying to convert?

I attached a PDF on the first comment. Let me know if your able to see it or not.

I opened this in VCarve and exported it as an SVG. I loaded the SVG into Easel, but it is something like almost 900 vectors. I think that a lot of this is due to the fact that you have individual lines rather than closed shapes.

Here is how it output the SVG (1.9 MB)