AutoCad to Easel

When I first ordered my Xcarve I made the stupid assumption that AutoCad would export files to SVGwithout checking beforehand. I quickly found that this wasn’t the case. After reading a bunch of posts discussing the matter I was a little discouraged because I use AutoCad for work and all the commands are second nature to me.

I’m posting this to to explain how I got around this issue.

Unfortunately, for this to work, you have to have Adobe Illustrator. You simply save your AutoCad file as a DWG and Illustrator will let you open that file. You can then save the file again through Illustrator as a SVG.

I understand this won’t be everybody’s solution and it is an added step. But in the long run, at least for me, It’s a huge time saver.

I tried opening a dwg file with illustrator and it didn’t work, am I missing a step?

I don’t use Easel but it can open an SVG file, or your Gcode. Gcode can be made from a dxf in another program. You may have to convert the DWG to a DXF and then create the Gcode from that.