Autodesk Artcam 2017 need a Post for it

Ok here we go I have used artcam in the past when it was delcam and was able to use generic G code and it worked in the past. Now to present day I have a subscription to Artcam 2017 from autodesk and am having I issue finding a post processor that works and I dont know how to make one any suggestions.


it has a link to this and notes:

Use Mach3 PP for Shapeoko2 and GRBL

w/ a link to:

Thank you for your time. Tried it and still makes the machine go nuts. Ended up saving as generic gcode and removing the T1M6 and adding G20 and G90 works perfect. So now I am doing some studying and trying to learn how to make a machine specific post processor.

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There’s a bit about writing post-processors here:

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