Autodesk Fusion 360: Newbie Needs Help

So after a few months with my beloved X-Carve, I am seeing the limitations of Easel. After seeing all the forums talking about AutoDesk Fusion 360, V-Carve, etc I figured it was time to learn some software – to progress my CNC-3D endeavours, like many of you have already done.

After a quick download and installation of Fusion 360, I played around with the tutorials and CAM capabilities to find it was very impressive. Now I am stuck as to how to take the post processing for my project and import it into Easel’s G-code option. I use Easel through Google Chrome and did see Inventables’ comment on downloading the “Easel Post Processing for AutoDesk Fusion 360.”

I don’t know where the Easel.cpn file is that they are talking about so I’m kinda stuck for the night…

Any recommendations from the legendary carvers out there?

By the way, good call on the upgrades for the axis beams – thing is a rock now with steel supports!

Good site for watching tutorials on how to use Fusion 360 for the CAM aspect of the software. Hope it helps fellow newbies.