Automatic spindle

My router has to be turned on manually. How do I convert it to automatic?

Which type of spindle are you using, DeWalt 611

Yes. The Dewalt

I used the instructions in this post Wiring a solid state relay it works great just be sure you get the correct SSR (Solid State Relay). If I remember correctly it is a 5Vdc input to 110 / 220 Vac output at either 30 or 40 Amps it has been about a year and a half since I built mine. If need be I can open mine up and tell you exactly what I used. I also put in light switch in series to make sure I can cut all power to the router

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Also I used a heavy duty extension cord so I did not have to cut up my router power cord.

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Thanks Roger. I will give it a whirl

This is what I use and it works great.

Thanks. I like the looks of that

I agree they are nice I forgot about those, I wish I would have seen that before I built mine.