Automating dust collection

I’ve read somewhere that through the X-controller you could start and stop your dust collection/ coolant. But I cannot find anything about which connections that need to be used. Or any external hardware.


you need to search the forums. I know there are at least 10 places where this is talked about.
I have one of those IOT relays and it turns on my router and dust collection from a stock older x-carve.
You must also tell your tool that it needs to turn on and off via gcode or if your using easel then there is a setting in the setup. This question has been asked many times. I am not going to search it for you. The answers are there.

Iot Relay and M7/M8 outputs from the Xcontroller.

There are plenty of other forum threads that will have a lot more information and I recommend searching for those threads but essentially the IOT relay connects to M7(Mist) or M8 (Flood) and then the Gcode triggers the output. Easel has a “beta” feature for supporting this.

You could also integrate vac and spindle if you want as well.