Avoiding Detail Painting!

I really dislike detail painting. I decided to make a wall hanger as a gift for a place I eat on a regular basis. I wanted to duplicate their existing logo but wanted to avoid all the tedious painting I would have to deal with if I cut it from one piece.

Decided to used 1/4" MFD for the background and painted it orange, mask the entire thing and then cut the mortar lines. Grey paint was then slopped on them. Then cut the pockets for the text and then the outside profile. Peeled off the masking.

Cut the letters out of 1/4" MFD then sealed and spray painted them black. Next took a 3/4" piece of MFD and cut a 1/2" pocket to allow the entire background to be countersunk within. Sealed and then spray painted the exposed raised border and backside with black. Glued in the background into the base and then glued in the painted letters.

I was pleased with the result which gave me raised letters and border. Yea, a lot more cutting and some extra material but it eliminated the detail painting. For me, that’s an easy tradeoff.


Nicely done. Thanks for sharing the method that works best for you. I’m confident someone else will find this works for them as well. Always room for more knowledge.

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Looks really amazing.
Ive just started experimenting with masking carves with stencil vinyl pre-carve to avoid some detail painting.
Love the font you used for ‘Brickhouse’. What is it?

Excellent job, and I like your process.

The font is called Stone Temple SF. It is sort of a 3D looking font that I eliminated the interior lines and used just the outline.

Thanks everyone for the compliments!

Thanks for the font ID. There is one sign I have in mind which I think that would suit perfectly.
Great idea of yours to give a sign to your regular restaurant. Large extra portions now guaranteed for life…