Awesome totally free handwriting fonts

My goto font site is:

The “Dingbat” type fonts work well as vector graphic icons also.


Once downloaded where do you unzip the font file for VCarve to access?

Thanks for the site and you have some cool work.

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Just finished making 120 different name plates out of some parquet flooring I ripped up from a stair landing in our house 2 years ago. I had saved all the pieces in a box in the garage. It was a lot of work but will be a neat little extra wedding gift for our guests but now have went overboard and loaded to many fonts into windows that it is slowing down my programs so be careful. On 1001fonts I used the segoe script font for a nice hand written look. :slight_smile:

You just install the fonts via the installer supplied or if there is no installer you then put them in the fonts folder.

relaunch Vcarve and the new fonts will be there.