Awful job results in damaged spindle

I suppose I will now take the warning about watching the cutting job more seriously. I stepped away a few minutes and rushed back when I heard loud grinding noises. It looks like the Z Axis shifted down about four inches during the cut, which broke the bit and drove the collect into the material. I hit emergency stop. I found the spindle bound up - it would not rotate all the way round. I forced it to turn all the way around by hand and after forcing it around in both directions a few times it seemed to free up. I reset the machine and homed it. Now the spindle will not turn on at all.

I submitted a support case.

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Unplug from the outlet for 15 minutes (this will reset some stuff in the VFD that controls the spindle)
Then you should be able to turn it all back on and get the spindle to start up like normal

Also if the z dropped and it wasn’t part of the toolpath… well whether it was or not, I would remove the top cover and verify the belt tensioner is set properly. Of the belt got loose then it might skip teeth and the z will start to lower on its own…

I checked the belt tension and it looks good. Yes, the reset worked. I got a response from support within 10 minutes,and that direction was included. This happened once before, with far less serous consequences. so I did not think much of it. Now that I know how to send diagnostics to support I will be able to get better analysis next time.

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