Axes direction

Upon the assembly, found that command:

G0 X1 – moves axis X LEFT (I expected “right”)
G0 X-1 – moves axis X RIGHT
G0 Y1 – moves axis Y towards the front (I expected “towards the rear”)
G0 Y-1 – moves axis Y towards the rear
G0 Z1 – move Z UP
G0 Z-1 – moves Z DOWN

Checked the wiring diagrams – all as per the instructions (and yes, the Y-axis motors rotate both the same way!)

Is that a normal coordinate system on X-Carve 500? Somehow the board’s coordinates are labelled just the opposite.

Thanks for help.

When you run Machine setup on Easel, screen showing all directions when you click arrow keys. And asking if it is correct direction or not. If going correct, you click yes, if not click no then changes direction for you. This is one time deal. Looks like you’re going wrong direction, only Z correct. Open Easel, go machine tab, you’ll see Machine Setup. I hope it clears.

It’s actually more like hardware question.
The Easel determines the motion and issues the G-codes in negative direction. Fine for Easel, but may be a problem for the other G-code GUI.
Should I swap the red and blue wires on the x and y motors to reverse the machine?

No, Easel changes direction on Arduino firmware for permanent. Other programs works by reading it. You’ll be fine.

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