Axes move after hitting limit

Everything works on the wiring testing but when I went to test the limit switches it keeps going to the end and won’t stop.

Unfortunately those are not “limit switches” under normal motion of the X-Carve. They are only “homing switches” that are used when homing the machine. The controller does not read them when the CNC is moving any other time.

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Also, I recommend keeping a hand full of the switches in reserve. I have broken the Z-axis switch a few times when the mechanical stop shifted to far past the switch engagement.

Which direction?
Is this during the homing cycle, or a normal carve?

If you’d like the switches to limit the carve area, you can change $20 to 1 and that will activate the limits.

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What??? I did not know that you could turn them on. I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing the knowledge

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