Axes Not Responding during 'Machine Setup'

Hello everyone,

Noobie CNC hobbyist here. Have finally gotten around to finishing my Xcarve build after having it sit in shed for a few months. I am currently on the machine setup step to test the X, Y, and Z axes and nothing seems to be happening. When I move each individual axis manually I get a green and blue light that come on the Gshield, but can’t seem to get it to move using Easel. Also might be worth noting that the blue light doesn’t stay on when plugged in, only comes on occasionally and when I manually move each axis. I am on a newer MacBook Air. I’ve pretty much exhausted the search bar on these forums LOL and any help would be appreciated!


The blue LED should stay on solid when you have the 24 volt power supply turned on. Check your wiring to the power supply.

As in the grey coated wires going into the gShield? Fan powers on and everything but the blue light is either on bright when I move an axis manually or really dim or off otherwise. Really was hoping to get some sort of positive action after all that work to assembly the machine!

The blue LED is hooked to the 24 volt output of the power supply through a resistor to ground. The changes you are seeing in the intensity of the blue LED indicates you have a problem in the power circuit.

It could be a faulty power supply, or a fault in the wiring, or a component failure down the line, or a bad blue LED.

Does the fan change speed as the LED changes intensity?

From what I can see, the fan maintains the same speed regardless of the blue light.

Can you post pictures of the wiring to the gShield, showing all wiring connection points?

Your suggestion about taking pictures of the wiring made me double check everything beforehand and I had the fan and red and black zip wire wired incorrectly. X and Y work perfectly now, Z motor works but the pully doesn’t seem to be tight enough to move the entire axis. But hey, PROGRESS is awesome to see!


I will try later today and get back to you. It seems as if the small pully is slipping on the Z axis. As in the pully looks looser than it should be and doesn’t catch to be able to move the ACME rod up and down.

I think I mis-spoke. Not too good with terminology yet. But what seems to be happening is that the BELT is looser than it should be and isn’t catching on the bearing. It couldn’t hurt tightening the set screws either I’m sure. I will be calling the support line in a bit to run through it with them.

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There was a step in the Z axis assembly where you got it all built up more or less with the belt on, then loosened the motor mount screws and pulled the motor over to stretch the belt, then retightened. At least that’s something I recall doing.

My ACME rod is a tiny bit bent, really binds up on the Delrin block toward the top of the Z travel (so I don’t tend to bother doing the ‘zeroing’ anymore, even though I bought and wired all the limit switches…there’s never any reason during a cut to have Z that high anyway) but my belt has never slipped. I’m more worried I’ll strip out a groove in the motor shaft with the setscrew and the pulley.

Z axis is working fine now. Didn’t have the belt aligned correctly, had to unscrew the Z motor and retighten.

Another question I have for you experts is - how do I know if my v wheels are correctly tightened? Specifically my Y axis makes a bit of a rubbing noise but it doesn’t hinder the movement any - no sudden stopping along the axis just a little jerky and seems a bit strained. Adjusted the eccentric nuts as best as I could, not sure how tight those v wheels should be. Thanks again for all the help.