Axis' are off a smidgen

So I FINALLY figured out you can’t trust the X/Y pattern on the spoilboard… so I have made now marks for 0/0. Now that this is fixed my X axis is right at and 1/8" long. My test carve ( the monitor and my name) should start at 2" but it starts at 2 1/8". And my Z Axis isn’t going deep enough… somewhere less than and 1/8… I need a better ruler to stick down in a hole.

I finally read enough to get into the console and the settings are what the forum says they should be for a stock x-carve.

Any thoughts?


The stock numbers are just a beginning. You should tweak the $100 ,$101, and $102 using a machinist 6 inch scale…or something really accurate like a digital caliper. Make sure the belts are tensioned first. It may take 3 times to get it really accurate. Also if you are homing and using that point as your zero position, you can adjust how much it moves back from the switch. I believe that is $27. You can also change your switch bumper position.

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I like @PhillipLunsford’s video where he put two thin lines that he engraved for the “true” x and y axis lines for doing tiling. As I am about to do some tiling on a large sign I’m going to do that to get the exact parallel to the axis lines.