Axis moving with spindle logic

Hi Everyone,

I have bought a 1000mm X Carve second hand from eBay, arduino/gshield, acme rod, NEMA17’s (I believe) and 24v spindle. I have slowly been calibrating it over the past few weeks which has included the following:

  • Squaring and plumbing the rails
  • Adjusting belt tension
  • Replacing some broken/lost screws
  • Replacing the wasteboard

After all of this I still wasn’t getting very accurate cuts so thought I would take a look at the voltages being supplied to my stepper motors, I followed some of the videos here which are fantastic in my opinion! However, since adjusting the pot’s I have noticed that when I use logic to control my spindle as soon as it is turned on I am getting minute movements in both the X and Y directions.

Has anyone seen this before? I came across one topic that suggested getting rid of the spindle - this is on my to do list but can’t afford to do it right now!