Axis Problems

Beyond frustrated. I have had the X Carve 1000mm for over a month now. I have been on off this forum seeking help and have had some amazing people help me with problems. Frustrated I spent a few days just going back over my assembly instructions. Finally yesterday I went back to my machine hoping that walking away for a bit would clear my mind and help me start fresh. I have been working on the same design for over a month and I am still no further to getting it completed than I was from day 1. I feel like I am in worse shape as my design cut out yesterday was a million times worse. If I am searching for someone with knowledge of how to correctly help me fix this machine what type of trade would I look for someone to be in? This is my mess

Your machine is definitely loosing its position (loosing steps)
What bit are you using?

Yep, losing steps, belts could be too loose. You gotta make sure your machine is tight, all over.

Here’s the check list: