Azek top for workbench


Anyone have any experience with using Azek for their workbench top? Pretty pricey but it will never fall trap to buckling, etc like MDF might.

My strategy for a workbench (or in my case a work table) was to make the top a tiny bit lower than the height of my table saw so I could use it as an outfeed table. Then realizing that work tables get scratched and dinged, I made the actual table 1/8" shorter than that and I use a 1/8" sheet of hardboard or melamine as a replaceable top which is screwed down. I’ve replaced it a couple of times and it’s cheap to do when the mood hits. Over time I realized that I like to take pictures of things when they’re sitting on my table and if I use a white top the pictures tend to be underexposed, so this last time I used a piece of hardboard which I painted around 20% gray - this has worked better for photography, but hasn’t been quite as durable as previous iterations.

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How do you like the Jet air filtration?

I don’t use it nearly as much as I should because I like to have the TV on while I’m working. At least when I’m using Festool tools they’re on direct dust collection, the main time I should be using the air filter and don’t is when I’m sanding on the lathe. I have a Delta dust collector (just out of frame to the left) which I could set up on a stand just behind the lathe, but I don’t bother with that either as often as I should.