Aztec Sun Stone

on a 1000x1000?

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Meanwhile it takes me 2 hours to carve out a simple bone carving. I got to stop using easel presets! Great job!

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Well I wouldn’t have dared to try those speeds before stiffening.
But honestly I never tuned the motors and settings to that degree with the old gshield setup.

I couldn’t find my 90° 1/2" V-bit for this one, so I used a 50° 1/8" one. I probably would have shaved off an hour with the larger bit, but I’m happy I didn’t because of the detail in the design.

what did you program the gcode for this in? vectric?

yup Vectric V-carve Pro

My vcarve pro is coming in the mail! Any tips on setting up tool paths for something this complex @anon68752607? I’ve been watching the videos and playing with the demo. Something this complex seems to want to have different layers depending on the depth of cut you’re trying to achieve. Would you be willing to share your vcarve project so I can learn from it?

Not that I don’t want to share my file, but since it has my own custom tool library, etc, you’ll probably learn more in making the toolpaths yourself. The file is very complex, but the CAM behind it is exactly the same as v-carving a simple logo.

But pm me your email and I’ll send it to you, but know that my settings are pretty fast because my machine is beefed up quite a bit.

Awesome work very nice.
From what I have been researching the Mayan or Aztec calendar is a must do project for new CNC builds.
Well here it is and I must say I am impressed with my Shapeoko 3.
$6 17.5in pine circular board from home depot and 3 hours carving.
60 deg Vbit from inventables at 50in per min feed rate 15in per min plunge rate using UGS.
Now I have to find some good wood to make another.
I used tung oil but would like any advise on finishing this amazing project.
I have attached files I used and gcode I created.


aztec calendar.gcode (4.9 MB)

Sorry here is link to files!AhCxdyszZx1O-FvH9-qWhPkTw171

Edge-Glued Round (Common: 1 in. x 17-3/4 in.; Actual: 1.0 in. x 17.75 in.)
This item is not available in any stores within 100 miles of 80923

Lowes have these in stock
(Common: 1-1/4-in x 15-in; Actual: 1-in x 14.25-in x 1.25-ft) Radius Edge Spruce Pine Fir Board

N. Colorado Springs Lowe’s
4252 Royal Pine Dr
Colorado Springs, CO
5.0 mi

its aztec, not mayan :slight_smile:

first attempt… it did not finish

Let us know if it sells, I am interested in knowing what the correct pricing is for that type of carving.

One can hope… might try some walnut stain to make it look nicer than it is and try to get $20 for it.

a 12x12 thats flawless might go between 100-120 or more for nicer wood.

going to try again with a 30 degree in mdf… pine plywood not the best at definition…

going through all my scraps to experiment before I buy nicer stuff.

What if you used a mix of vinegar and steel wool, which would weather it to look like stone.

good idea @RyanMeyer

then i could say “seriously… the smooth edges were intentional”

Here is an 8" one cut in 0.4" thick bamboo (60° v-bit with 1/4" shank). I will cut it again with a good (new and sharp) bit…bamboo is pretty tough. There is a thin coat of danish oil to highlight the carve.



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