Back order power supply

Just received confirmation of shipping of my X-Carve which is exciting but I received another email that the power supply is on back order and won’t ship until 1/8. I have a project I need to start second week of January and I will need some time for learning and testing. This is a disaster, what alternatives do I have?


Not fair , I got the same message as well. Dang it. 3weeks it has to sit there with no power unit.

I would avoid those as they would be fairly underpowered compared to the 400 watt power supply that ships with the X-Carve. That 5 amp one is only 100 watts and probably won’t be able to do anything for the NEMA 23 steppers.

Your best bet is buying one from somewhere that you can return and get a refund, essentially renting it until yours comes from Inventables.

They will work just fine. Anything over 5 amps is sufficient. Besides, there are plenty listed that are 10amps and above. One thing though - you should check the output voltage with a multimeter. Most have an adjustment pot. They usually supply more voltage than is listed out of the box. I spent years building machines using this kind of supply. Remember, you are no longer using this supply to power that old 24 volt spindle or to handle the excessive amperage draw on spindle start up.