Bad gShield? X and Z axis not working

Finally got Easel to communicate with the X-carve, and I’m stuck at “Test your wiring”. The Y axis moves fine both directions, but the X and Z axis won’t move either direction. I’ve confirmed that everything is wired correctly. The gShield is seated fully in the Arduino. The Y-axis moves, but the X-axis and Z-axis won’t.

During my testing, I swapped the Y-axis and X-axis wires on the gShield. The X-axis would then move.

It has to be the gShield, right?

Also, I forgot to mention, I have tried turning the pots up. No luck there, either.

When you first power up your machine, are the blue LED and three green LEDs on, on the gShield?

Yes,they are.

It’s most likely the gShield. Very small possibility that it’s the Arduino.

Thanks, LarryM, for confirming what I suspected. I’ve sent an email to support. We’ll see what they come back with.

What did you find out?

It was the gShield. They sent me a new one and it corrected the issue.