Bad homing after design finished

My CNC is not always returning to (0,0) home coordinates once a project is done. If I reset and redo the setup from scratch it works correctly. However on subsequent projects after it is done carving it will zip to the right x-axis and bump hard into the rail and then continuously bump it until I shut the machine off.

The only difference I can tell is that I am pausing or restarting the design to fix the offset by a few mm here and there on my long carving projects.

Now that I am typing this I also do recall once seeing the easel simulation path sometimes going way off to the right off-screen on some path that did not make sense for the shape I was carving.

When you see it going way off to the side in simulation there is probably something way out there it is trying to carve. Maybe something you moved out of the way and forgot to delete or something that came in on an import and you did not see it. If the tool path shows it going somewhere there is ussually something out there somewhere to be carved.


Did you make your design/code in Easel or different software?

I am using easel.

You were correct Wayne. There was an object that I couldn’t see in the simulation but exists in the design. I did a select all to find it.

Thanks! Can close this topic

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