Bags of bits from inventables

I purchased a bunch of bit packs with my xcarve, and I cannot for the life of me find a page that tells me what each one is, or what it does, or how to select it in vcarve desktop.

links to packs goes to page not found

bags listed as parts

trying to solve bit diving into wasteboard after five seconds of correct rough milling. Seems to be a common problem, and tons of solutions. all of which don’t seem to help me here.

is there an example file somewhere of the gcode commands at the beginning and end of a file that easel likes?

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Lots of questions you’ve got there, get ready for a flood of answers from this awesome community!

Each bit isn’t really designed for just one thing, but they’ll be better at some things than others. There’s lots of info here on the forums, Inventables has put together a handful of wikis and videos, and the bit descriptions on the products pages help a little too. Here are a couple of places to start…

As a VERY general starting place, when carving woods, stick with straight- or up-cut bits for the roughing passes, and down-cut bits for finishing. For tougher materials, like plastics or aluminum, stay with up-cut bits.

As for cutting into your wasteboard, that could be one of several things… Improper calibration, incorrect tool settings, incorrect home/zero position, etc… Can you narrow down the specifics of your particular issue?

Thank you, but that was not what I was needing to know.

I need more of a color coded chart.
i.e.: the blue one is a 1/8 skwerl bit, the purple one a 3/8 Schnauzer bit, the red one is the diamond plated break in half bit… etc.

i have a list of the bits I bought, but no way to determine which is which other than measuring each one (difficult, sharp, bloody) and figuring out what grooves do what and which direction.

why doesn’t the bit set come with a key or chart telling you which bit is which?

Those rings should have sizes and flute counts printed on them. The other bit characteristics, i.e. up-cut, down-cut, straight-cut, V-bit, etc., should be pretty easy to determine visually. I believe all of the Inventables bits (excluding the V-bits) are solid carbide.

Quick Searching, lead me to these:
30651-01 =
30730-01 = End Mill Starter Set (See information link below)
30652-01 =
30727-01 = Bit Set for Wood and Plastic (Are they the same bits as above?) Only reference I could find are the for sale listings on this forum for that Product Number

More information on these kits (Including some color breakdown) can be found here:

Now you have -01 for some, and the pages show 02…I don’t know if maybe they’re a newer revision? Different manufacturer? Different year made? Should get you close though.

Hopefully this helps.

Thank you, yes that is what I found.