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Welcome to club Sir, seems you’re gonna bring fun and different perspective to this community. Just let us know when you need help. We’ll try hard.

Seems like one of us could have purchased the router and sent it to you… with cookies for that much hassle and expense. Do packages from “family in the states” have to go through all that nonsense?

Think of machine XYZ as its own independent relative coordinate system regardless of how it’s oriented in the ‘world’.

If you wire different axes than what is intended the software has to understand that as well. But oddly I think your motor wiring description is right…the X carriage motor indeed controls X, the 2 motors on the gantry ends control movement of the gantry along Y.

After I drilled a hole in my mount to allow access to the spindle lock button, I realized that I could have mounted it lower so that the button was accessible without having to modify the mount. You can mount the spindle up higher in the mount, but you’re going to be limited by the bottom of your carriage, so in hindsight I don’t think I needed to make that modification.

Where in the world do you live that you get slammed with those kind of shipping charges and custom charges.


For .jar file you need to install Java.

Wierd. Did you try to run it from a browser? Create an HTML file in the same directory that includes this:

Then open the HTML file using your browser. Maybe that would work?

It deleted the code. It should read like this but you need to add the > and the <

(LESS THAN SYMBOL)applet code=TicTacToe.class
width=“120” height=“120”(GREATER THAN SYMBOL)

<applet code=TicTacToe.class
width=“120” height=“120”>

(use & l t ; and & g t ; without the spaces)

Ok how? P.S. replace TicTacToe with SketchChair

There’s a SketchChair forum, found this link that might be useful:

Hi Angus,

Another Bajan here - small world!!! Am waiting to get my XCarve cleared from customs - was hoping that I would get it this week, but may have to wait until next.

Maybe we can share some note on assembly, etc.


Hi Angus,

I ordered on July 3rd and it shipped on the 24th. I can’t deal with the hassle of the port so I sent it to a forwarder in Miami who uses Windward agencies here as their agent; they have a special deal for small packages and we have used them before.

We are on the same side of the world as I am in Atlantic Shores. Have a small workshop and do mainly turning but wanted to expand to do some other stuff!!

Will keep you updated about my progress.


I just looked on google maps to see where you guys are at. You are next door nabors. I then checked to see how far it is from the north end to south end of the island. 41 km by road. I drive 35 km just to get to town. :smiley:


Yes David, nowhere in Barbados is “far”.

Did the hurricane miss you guys. I sure hope it did. I can do 100 km or more easy shopping for stuff.


Hurricane just start pounding Islands, early warning was heavy rain and flood, real one is behind, getting stronger and heading Florida. Did you say that miss you David. ?? I’m watching live radar, It is very unorganized yet and it’s on Dominican Republic.

I’m in the PNW we don’t do hurricanes. we do lots of rain normally. this year has been overly dry.


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Glad to hear that. It is scary. I was in New Orleans for Training my employees when shit happened. We were in high Hotel luckily, but We eyewitness the disaster very closely.

Hi Angus,

Just an FYI. Just got notification of my charges -

Freight was $192
Handling charge was $25
Customs charges was $711 - duty was 5% tariff used was 82055 900