Bajan Builds

Hi Angus,

Attempted to use Chilpeppr on Saturday and it was grief, so did first carve with Easel. Made an error with the outline/fill for the letters, but everything seems to be ok with the unit itself.

Played around with Chilipeppr for a while, read some threads and asked some questions and got it to work. In the meantime, as mentioned pulled apart wiring and redid it. Am not 100% happy with it, and will have another go when I get some 4 core cable - can’t find any here to use for the motor cabling.

Have to order some more bits now and spend some time in VCarve.

So that’s it for me for now as far as this build is concerned. Looking forward to hear from you when you start yours.

On the high seas… Makes me want to throw an eyepatch on, scream aaaarrrrr!!, and get me a second xcarve… Lol

Told you, eye patch. And arrrrr, I’ll get me a new machine. Lol

Hope you get it soon.

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Oh dear…not good news. Hope that you hear something positive later in the week. :pray:

Getting closer Angus, getting closer!!!

Believe it or not…I am not!! Machine is still sitting on my dining room table as I wait to get the room built.

This is like buying 4 tires before a Car. :slight_smile: Good luck. Keep your table as much strong and square as possible. Weak table changing level so quick and causing problems.

(Women can be so unreasonable, sometimes!) :flushed:
I’m sure your wife is watching your screen over your shoulder. I know you would’ve say all the times. :slight_smile:

“I’ll hug it. And squeeze it. And call it George.”

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Yeeyyy, congratulations. Good clean and quiet days are over.

Congratulations, Angus!

Get well and start the assembly process!

Very exciting. Congratulations. What if you claimed the contents were: “Tourism Building Materials?” I bet they get a tax break. No?

Yes, I noticed that too. Strange that :smile:

Make sure you have all the bits and pieces… It really sucks to be on a roll assembling the machine and discover that some small, presumably very important part is missing.

Yes, that was a bit of bother for me too. Took some careful labelling to ensure that nothing got mixed up.

Damn… that’s true. I forgot that.

I hope you have all V-wheels, though… Had that WTF moment as I picked what was supposed to be the last V-wheel from the bag and discovered it was not a V-wheel at all but one extra wheel for the belts. :confused: