Ball Nose Bits

Need to add a 1/2" core box bit to my Easel selection…detailed view does not show rounded profile…??

I think you need to add it to the tool library and save it there.

I dont think Easel has ball nose option for bits.

In my limited time playing with this machine… I’ve used ball nose bits for detailing signs. I prefer the scalloped look. So I generate the path as a Vbit with a diameter equal to the diameter of your ball nose. Seems to work fairly well, usually only use it for a detail run though.


I know its been a while since this thread, but… my diameter of my bowl bit is 1/2’. I was going to set my “vbit” angle to 5, since there really is no angle on it, but then use 1/2’ as well. Is this what you are referring to Mike?

Hi Renee, welcome to the forum!

You’d need to enter the bit as an endmill and adjust the stepover to remove any scallops from the bottom of the pocket Entering a bowl bit as a vbit is NOT going to work out properly.

The scallops wont be shown because easel doesn’t natively accept radiused bits, however with some basic geometry and math, one can determine the optimal stepover to use.

I had a feeling that’s what I needed to do. I think using a 15 step over would do the trick. I appreciate the comment! I did try the vbit and it worked but took FOREVER at 30 degree.

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It’ll do the standard vbit lifts in the corners if your design has corners…

If your just doing a circle or oval and the vbit option might not show issues, but try making a heart shape… that v at the bottom will be blown out by the bowl bit…
That’s where the endmill setting will show a better result :+1::+1:

Hi there, I’m very new to this but love using Easel. How do I adjust the stepover? I also want to use my Ball Nose End Mills but there are no options within the add bit categories.

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Go to machine>general settings
There you wil find “stepover” which applies to all endmills.(Default 40%)
And “Vbit stepover” which applies to all vbits. (Default 1%)

This change will not carry over project’s, you will have to change it on each project that you want to run anything other than the defaults.