Ballscrew Upgrade Vibration/Jittering Issues

Recently I’ve embarked on a journey to upgrade my stock X-Carve to better cut aluminum. Everything was going fine until I reached a problem with backlash where I thought it would be a good idea to use a ballscrew as a drive system for my X-Axis. Unfortunately that upgrade has been giving me more headaches than performance. Whenever I run the axis I get this constant jittering and vibration like attitude from the machine. I tested everything with a leadscrew just to see if its an issue pertaining to the ball screw, and it appears that the leadscrew suffers from the same problems. I’ve loosened the wheels on my carriage, and even tried realigning the screw to the middle of my carriage instead of the bottom, but to no avail. Any ideas on what may be the cause of this issue?

I will post pictures tomorrow hopefully, it is quite late at night. But for now here is a reference to what I’ve been working on. Chattering While Milling Aluminum

Things that I have made sure of:

  • The ballscrew operates normally, its only when moving the carriage that issues arise.
  • It is not a stepper motor issue, as I have tested it with other systems
  • It is most likely an alignment issue, as I got the jittering to stop with the leadscrew when moving right, but the problem reoccurs when moving left(there is an upwards bow in the screw that I noticed).

Edit I’m not too sure what category this post would fall under so I just threw it under troubleshooting

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