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Balsa sheet cutting with 2.8W JTech

My J-Tech 7w cuts 1/8" Baltic Birch with ease!

Really lol It takes forever, I have to take 10 passes at 250mm to cut through :joy:

That’s discouraging! How’s your focus? At that speed and 60% power, I could cut it in 2 passes. Too much charring though. I’ll work on some speeds and power settings today. I just got my new one yesterday.

Well I’m cutting at 100% power and 250mm a minute and I think I’m focused

Just did some tests tonight.

4 passes
90% power
12 ipm

12IPM? My machine only reads mm, and what watt is your laser?

You can change the unit settings in lightburn.

And 7W laser with HD lens.

HD lens? What’s special about it?

From JTech’s website.

Hmm :thinking: so it’s the same as a G2 lens from what I’m reading