Baltic Birch Bench using X-Carve

I just posted this project on YouTube. Simple X-Carve layout, but was still fun to make.


Came out great!

Wow, tremendous job!

Thank you for posting, I really enjoy videos like these :slight_smile:
Awesome job!

Impressed. Very nice build and great video.

Thats a great build

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words. I’m working on a shaker period hall table now and am using the x-carve to make the mortise and tenon joints. I’ll post that one when it’s done.
Thanks again!

Nice build…I like the accents. I thought about making one after I saw this video, but it didn’t get the wife’s approval.

Thanks, Neil. Yea. Shaun’s work is amazing. His channel is definitely worth checking out.
Thanks again.