Bangs against top and bottom of y axis

Hi guys,

Once I have the material clamped down, home set, and hit carve, the spindle doesn’t follow the carving path. Instead, it bangs on the top and bottom of the y axis.

Here’s a video. Skip to 18 seconds in to see what I mean.

That was definitely an E-STOP moment!!!
Check your file and make sure you don’t have any objects that are outside of the cutting area because the XCarve will try and carve them. If not could you share the file?

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In addition to what Russell mentioned.
Did you home the machine?
Are you using Easel?
How did you set your work zero?
When you jog the machine, do the axes move the correct direction and distance?

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Hey Russell,

An e-stop moment?! I had NO IDEA.

Here’s the link to the file:

I don’t see anything outside of the work area. Maybe I’m missing it??

Hey Neil,

Yes, I set my work zero manually, jogging the x, y, and z in increasingly smaller increments. When I jog it, the machine does move the correct direction and distance.

Maybe I’m missing something along the way?

Here’s the link to the easel project:

The E-Stop “Emergency Stop” is the Big Red Button on top of the X-Controller, when things go wrong you smash that button and everything stops.
The file you shared is not public.
While in Easel
go to file
shared with link
copy link
hit save
then paste link in comment

Try this:


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You have something outside the work area, I don’t know how you did it but I would think that when you imported the truck it was on there.
Go to edit and select all and you will see that it grabs objects above and below your image.
Just cut and copy your image and DELETE the first page.
Easy Fix
Good Luck
also it will take a long time to do that file using a 1/16" bit.
How about do the lettering with a 90 degree bit and then do the truck with a 1/8" bit. Just a suggestion


Oh thank heavens - an easy fix!

Great idea on the bits. I’m not actually sure how to change the bits out for different parts of the sign. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks again so much!

Do the carve in 2 pages, I have it set up for the first page use a 90 degree bit and on the second page use the 1/8 and just keep that same home position

Run the first page and you would a normal carve, when that is complete you will need to change the bit to the 1/8" and use the Z probe again to set the Z height. The home will remain the same. Make sure you switch to the second page with the truck and let it carve.
I hope that makes sense
edit: I always make a copy and set it on a new page so in case I lose something I can always go back and copy a new one.The first page is the letters, the second is the truck and the third is the complete file.
Remember if you ever hit the E-STOP button that you will need to twist it to pop back up before you can use the XCarve again.