Bar Board fun

Cheap and fast gifts at Bed Bath and Beyond at $4 minus 20-40% off depending on coupon.


Nice! Looks good. What did you use for paint and finish?

I picked up a few of them for $1.99 each. Been making quick and easy gifts for my friends.

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HEY! I just ordered a pack of those. I was surprised how cheap they were. So far, I have just been carving and then mineral oiling them because we put food on em. Cool designs.

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Wow? Where did you find those cutting boards that cheap!!! I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond and walked out without a single cutting board. The cheapest ones were around $15. I went down the street to TJ Max and purchased 5 cutting boards. The same ones that were $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond only cost $5 at TJ Max. But no where near the prices that you guys are picking them up for.

These boards are small just 6x8 and are bamboo.

The prices fluctuates. Still, this is pretty cheap but contains three different sizes/

Case in point - searched again and found $12:

I got a few of these, delivered last week…they have logo on them.

MIne too. Small, corner. I carve the other side. Or pocket that out for your dip holder. At our grocery store, some local has already sold them these same boards but with Minnesotan stuff lasered on one side.

Regular price is $3.99

My local store had them on sale till they sold out.


These look awesome. I picked up one board today to test it out. Could any of you that have done this, share the bits you used and speeds and feeds?


I just used a 60 deg Vbit at 60 ipm. I designed the image in Vcarve.

Same here, 40 ipm, about 12k rpms.

60ipm, .06 doc at .03 per pass and #3 on the dewalt 611

Thanks for the replies folks, ScottW are you also using a 60 deg V-bit?

90% of time. Depends on the size and detail of graphic.

BTW - I go .125" dept of cut. I guess that would be important to know. You can be pretty aggressive with the v-bit - especially if it is new and sharp.

Repurposed table top done in the same style.

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