Bar Board fun

I made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond again. I found the $3.99 cutting boards.

I also visited the TJ Max next door, I walked away with a total of 24 cutting boards of various sizes, for slightly over $100. Each board averaged about $5 apiece.

Two of the cutting boards were 14x20. These were $12.99 each at TJ Max. The exact same cutting board next door at BB&B, was $39.99.

Several of the smaller cutting boards that I actually only paid $3.99 & $4.99 for at TJMax, cost $19.99-$24.99 at BB&B.

So just an FYI, check out TJMax for cutting boards. They are the exact same boards as Bed bath and Beyond cutting boards, only a fraction of the price.

Just look closely, a few of the cutting boards that I spotted on the shelf had glue seems coming apart. So check closely. This could also happen to any other stores as well considering the Brand Name and Manufacturers for the cutting boards are identical for several stores.

Just wanted to share

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The table was my neighbors and was sitting out by the trash. I asked her if I could take it and use it for practice. After seeing it finished she asked for it back and I wants to hang it inside the house.


What program are you using to cut these, I have VCarve Pro and I’m still trying to learn how to get good V-cuts. I need to learn all the terms in the tool database window and what numbers to put in the box’s to get a good cut.


Cool, using Easel how to you trick it to accept a 60 deg VBit? Sorry for all the questions.

In v-carve pro, select a vector to v-carve, click on v-carve, click “Select” in the tool window. Find a v-bit in the prepopulated list, highlight and click copy. A new window will open. Change the name for your new bit. The only things you need to fill out are the bit diameter and bit angle. There is a picture on the right telling you how to measure your bit.

Below that set your pass depth to .1". The rest should populate automatically. Then go nuts. Start with text using a font with serifs like Times New Roman. Watch how the depth of the bit changes to create fatter and narrower lines. You can v-carve any closed vector in v-carve. If the bit will penetrate through the material on very wide vectors, then, select a “flat depth” and click the box for using a clearance tool. It is all pretty automatic and awesome.

No tricks. Just the settings I posted…and .02 on the bit size.

I found the extension in the trash next to the throw away table…

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