Bar stool curved surface

Hi there,

I want to make a bar stool with a simple but consistent curved surface and I have NO idea how to set that curve (or wherever is named) in Easel.

Is it possible? Do I need to use any plugin or maybe another tool?

I will appreciate any kind of help.



You can use the super gradient generator to make the contour close to that, it would take some sanding to get it perfect though… because super gradient makes a bunch of steps, you can increase the step count to do less sanding. But then the carve will take longer…

It sounds very good.

What type of carving bit should I use for soft pine?

Thank you!

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Well easel will only show what an endmill looks like, but I would set easel to an endmill and use the same size ball bit instead, that will reduce the step sizes a little bit…

I’ve actually made those type of stools before I had a cnc,… I used a template and cut strips to rough size on the band saw, and then using a pretty perfectly contoured piece by sanding to the printed template edge, I used the router table to contour all of the rest to match perfectly, and then edge glued my strips together to make the stool top… would have been a lot easier on the CNC though :laughing:

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Here is one example similar to what you are looking for. As previously mentioned, I used the Super Gradient Generator app.

Here are the steps:

  1. Set material to desired depth; I have it set to 2"
  2. Create a 10" x 10" square, set the lower-left corner to (0, 0)
  3. Select the square, and then go to the Super Gradient Generator app.
  4. Set the Curve type to “ease-out”
  5. Set the End Depth to 0.5"
  6. Set the Steps to 100
  7. Set Direction to “Right”
  8. Select Import
  9. Select all objects and Copy/Paste
  10. While still selected to the newly created objects, go to Edit>Flip Horizontal

You will then have what is shown in the file below, a 10" x 20" piece. You can then change the Cut Settings as you see fit.


Brandon Parker


Thanks dude, I really appreciate your help.

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That’s great! Thank you so much for it!

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