Barbershop Box

A neighbor asked me to create a barber shop box to hold his shavers and barber tools. He wanted slots in the box to have the cords be able to come out and he wanted a drawer in it. The final requests included a custom size, a basic graphic he provided and something that was lockable. I used the box generator ( and cut the pieces of pine with the X-carve and completed the graphic engraving with my jtech 2.8w laser and picengrave software. I found the joints too tight so had a lot of sanding to make the joints fit better. Even then I still had gaps and some cracks in the wood trying to get the pieces together. Many imperfections in this but the neighbor was quite happy with his box. I used some leather (purchased off of ebay) on top that was used to sharpen/clean the straight edge razors and a shaver brush (amazon) as the drawer knob. The lock is an ‘antique Chinese butterfly lock’ found pretty cheap on


I think it came out great


That looks really great. It reminds me of a sailors chest. If you replace ‘many imperfections’ with ‘lots of character’ then your decription would be more accurate! lovely job.


I like it. How much did you charge, and how much should you have charged? :wink:

Materials came out to $114.29 total. I did have some extra pine afterwards. I charged him $114.29 as I was not expecting to charge for labor. He gave me $185 without flinching…

Awesome. I asked because I find myself always undercharging for friends.

Nice. There looks like there may be a drawer lock too? The rod in the back?
If so what did you use?

I do a 40% friends and prototype discount. -20% for all the flaws in a first attempt, -20% for friends.
(Not that I have sold more than 2 things, but that is what I came up with :wink: )

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It was a surface bolt. It was used for locking the drawer in place.

Wood 59.65
Lift Supports 4.34
leather strap 13
shipping leather strap 8.95
bristle brush (knob) 8.99
window sash handle 3.99
Interior lock 4.19
ez lock insert 0.29
vintage lock 7.8
brass thumb screw 3.094
total 114.294

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